How long has the school been open?
The school opened in October 2011.

What are the hours of the school day?

  • Morning Program: 8:20-1 Monday through Friday (2/3/5 days a week)
  • Stay and Play Afternoons: 1-5 Monday through Thursday (1-4 days a week)

Children can attend full days by enrolling in the Morning Program and adding Stay and Play Afternoons.

What is a day at the preschool like?
The day begins with a meeting where children plan their day. After meeting, children flow freely through indoor and outdoor spaces that have a wide variety of materials available for exploration. The indoor spaces are loosely divided into literacy, science, art, dramatic play and manipulative areas, with a separate, no shoes “pillow room” that provides an indoor outlet for physical exertion. In addition, there are two separate outdoor areas. The Big Yard provides space for the children to expend energy, while also exploring open-ended and natural materials. The Small Yard allows for integration of dramatic play and other creative activities in an outdoor environment.

The school provides a snack, which is served family-style. The menu features whole foods and seasonal ingredients & recipes. Organic foods are served whenever possible. Water is served with snack and is available to the children throughout their day.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?
One teacher for every four students (1:4).

What is the age range of students?
Students range in age from 2 years 9 months to 5 years old. There will be some flexibility on this age range, allowing younger children to attend, and will be decided on an individual basis.

Is there a toddler-transition program available?
Cottage Activity Time is a YWCA program specifically designed for 2-3.5 year olds as they start to transition to the school-age years. This 2 hour drop-off program allows parents and children to gently transition to school. They begin to develop age-appropriate social-emotional and conflict resolution skills while engaging in a lightly structured program with their peers. Our aim is to help children and families transition to preschool more comfortably, and we’re seeing it work! For more information on this YWCA program please contact Barbara Olinger at ol9mwca.o.hyqer@iwsng-0mybrgi

Will the children be divided by age?
The children will sometimes be divided by age for special projects but there will not be separate classrooms for age groups. We feel that mixed age groups allow for greater learning, community building and creativity. The teachers will determine throughout the day whether older or younger children are in need of more focused attention and/or activities.

Is there financial aid?
We offer limited financial aid in the form of ½ scholarships. Please contact Barbara Olinger at olpksca.ofroger@iwsngf-mybrgd if you are interested in applying for a scholarship.

What is the expectation of family contributions, participation, etc.?
As a cooperative, we all work together to meet our children’s needs and make our school a success. The goal is to provide options so that full-time working parents will still be able to participate and so that the burden of participation is not too great for any parent or family. While administration of the school is carried out by the YWCA, families will be expected to participate in several ways including (but not limited to) assisting in the classroom, planning special projects, coming to clean up and improve the school site, and attending parenting workshops.

Every family that joins the co-op takes on the following responsibilities:

  1. To fulfill the duties of a Parent Job
  2. To contribute to and participate in the Fall and Spring Fundraisers
  3. To participate in the Bi-Annual Maintenance Days
  4. To contribute 8 Teacher Support Hours per year. The teacher support hours are separate from the Parent Job hours.

Are the teachers full-time professionals?
We have a full-time Teacher/Director, two Lead Teachers, and five teachers who all work together as a team. Teachers have the ECE units and experience as set by licensing requirements, but more importantly, we have teachers who are trained in and experienced with our approach to working with children in a non-judgmental, play-based environment.

When can I tour the school?
Tours are given on the third Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. and last for approximately 1 hour. No R.S.V.P. is required. On the tour you will see the indoor and outdoor environments with children at play. The tour is followed by a question and answer session. Please wait by our front door near the tree with the wind chime. You may bring your children on the tour. However, some parents find it difficult to stay for our question and answer period if they have their children with them.

Please feel free to email us at aep@gmycowcelnail.lao7rymifacomvvm if you have any other questions about the school, the enrollment process, etc.